25 February 2015

Feeling fat from savouring Singapore's never-ending food options? Want to work out but just can't seem to get your engine started? Or not willing to miss your favourite TV show because of gym?

Fret not. The OSIM uTrek is literally the best invention ever for couch potatoes (a.k.a the laziest people in the world who really know that they should work out to keep fit but never bothered finding time for it).

The machine comes with six different speeds, but you can choose the "type" of climb you want. Most importantly, it is a trekking machine. You can hike up Bukit Timah hill while fixing your eyes on your channel 8 drama. Killing two birds with one stone! No time wasted, and you get the best of both worlds.

This machine may not look it, but it will definitely make you break a sweat.
For storing purposes, you can fold it and slide it under beds or store in a corner.

I would recommend it to busy workaholics who have no time for the gym but possess a fervent desire to keep fit. Also, for people who are afraid of the sun and insects, you can trek at home and tone that ass in the comfort of your home.

No more reason for my mom to slack when watching her favourite dramas!

My mom's thoughts and review:

After giving birth to Jem, work and fatigue made me put on weight. Over time, diabetes also came with age, together with the lack of diet control and exercise. 

With the arrival of uTrek, I'm pleased to say that it is a stone that kills two birds. It is a breeze to watch tv while exercising! It is also user friendly and a storage after using is a walk in the park.

The gradient is standard but comes with 6 different speeds for everyone in the family.

Last but not least, thank you OSIM and The Influencer Network for sending me uTrek.

Burn fats, burn!

By the way, some good news to share! 

Recently, I got married and... 
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22 January 2015

Yorijori Singapore has one thing in mind, which is to bring a authentic and exciting Korean dinning experience for everyone. Customers have the option to choose to be seated in the air-conditioned store or out at their alfresco area(10% discount will be given if you dine outside at the alfresco area during rainy days).

At the store, apart from the chicken and vegetables, everything else were imported from Korea.
Yes, EVERYTHING! Soup bases, rice, tables and even kpop stars...
... watch their MTVs on the huge LCD screens that is.

반찬(Korean Side Dishes)

All the side dishes are complimentary upon ordering any main dish. Both were really tasty and similar to what you would actually get in local shops in Korea. The kimchi had the right level of spice and sourness which will get any appetite kicking.

Main Dishes
Spicy Chicken & Squid Roast

Spicy Pork, Chicken & Squid Roast

Both the Spicy Chicken & Squid Roast and Spicy Pork, Chicken & Squid Roast could easily feed 3-4pax per dish. They are pretty affordable and I would recommend Spicy Pork, Chicken & Squid Roast instead as for the same price you would have more variety.

Special Fried Rice

This is kimchi fried rice and it taste like how a kimchi fried rice should be. Do order if you need the extra carbs. Or else it'll just be an overpriced plate of rice.

Seafood Pancake 

I felt that the seafood pancake had the right amount of crisp on the outside and moisture on the inside. A very good dish to have as a starter and not forgetting that the sauce compliments the pancake really well.

Steamed Egg

The steamed egg faired poorly with clumpy texture, bland egg taste with a heavy MSG aftertaste from the soup broth.

Spicy Rice Cake

Spicy Army Stew

A must order for any die hard Korean food lovers! Best eaten on cold or rainy days.

Korean BBQ

For BBQ it is either buffet or nothing. Sadly, the store only offers it a la carte. 


This milky alcohol from Korea is traditionally made from rice and pairs perfectly with BBQ meats similar to Soju, the stronger brother. Prices are steep for both makgulli and soju in Singapore with about 12 times the price difference. It'll be better off enjoying the alcoholic beverages in Korea!

Photo credit: The Influencer Network
Watermelon Soju

Food for thought: Although trending in most Korean-themed eateries in Singapore, word from a Korean is that there isn't such a thing back in there because watermelons cost around an average os S$25 in Korea. Overall taste exactly the same from all the other similar outlets as they use the same watermelon and the same soju.

207 Hougang Street 21 Paya Lebar Kovan CC,
Singapore 530207

+65 6288 6651

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 330pm - 1100pm
Sat-Sun: 1130am - 1100pm

10% discount will be given to customers who orders 3 items and above 
and also for customers who dine at the alfresco area during rainy days.

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31 December 2014

The following images and/or content may cause 
excessive salivation and uncontrollable drooling to some viewers.
Viewer discretion is strongly advised. 

On our beautiful island of Sentosa, stands a new foodie, Insadong Korea Town (a stone's throw away from Universal Studios Singapore). With my love for korean food, I went with much excitement and expectation. So let me take you through the hits and misses of this place, share my two-cents and you can decide for yourself if this is for you. 

A collaboration with SPRING Singapore, which promotes the development and adopting the use of technology to SMEs in Singapore, Insadong Korea Town pushed out their innovative Self-order Kiosk! Fully automated (might get cranky at times, but I heard they are working very hard to solve the outstanding issues promptly!) machines that accept cash payment (NETs and Credit cards payment are being tried and tested at this very moment I'm crafting this post) and issue receipts for you to pick up your food at the respective collection point.
Pretty neat I'd say. 
For those who are more conservative and require transaction from human to human, there's a cashier right behind the kiosk.


I'm warning you that you're gonna get really really hungry!

Kimchi Pancake

The kimchi pancake is honestly the best I have had in Singapore. They lose out slightly to the original ones in Korea because of the kimchi used and of course portion-wise. But this is a definite MUST-EAT and one is not going to be enough for me.

Seafood Pancake

Also very tasty but the pancake is kind of stingy with the fillings.

(Korean Rice Cake)

Pretty legit stuff with good spicy and sauce. 
I repeat, SPICY.
Not for the weak-hearted.

Ginseng Chicken Soup

I never liked the smell or the taste of ginseng thus you can expect some biasness. Not sure if it's fortunate or unfortunate that I couldn't taste the ginseng at all. 


We were told that the pork used here is from Spain and is supposedly good because it is black pork. My verdict is that the pork felt and looked so tough and I would save my stomach for something else.

Xiao Long Bao in Kimchi Soup

Kimchi YES!

Pumpkin Spaghetti

The spaghetti sauce tasted similar to salted eggs. This was so-so as the sauce was too rich for my taste.  Portion was small and clumped together after a short while. 

Beef Bulgogi Baked Rice

Sweet tasting cheese on the top did not excite me at all and the beef was inconsistent as some were really tough. This is a no for me.

Mushroom Beef Bulgogi Hotpot

This is a pot of stuff I love! 
Good portion of mushrooms, slightly stingy portion of beef bulgogi, japchae and a good broth. My advise is to order this and share with at least 4 others if you still intend to try varieties.

Mixed Fruits Shaved Ice

Please do not order this. This is the worst interpretation of Korea's bingsu or shaved ice. Koreans certainly do not use plain ice kachang ice or ice kachang brown syrup for their bingsu. 
Moving on.

Red Bean Pancake

For a minute, I thought I was at sweechoon having their red bean pancake. Also another misinterpretation of a korean dish but apart from that. The red bean pancake was really delicious and the fragrant from the sesame was tantalizing!

Watermelon Soju

I have been dying to try this watermelon soju for the longest time. The drink was light and refreshing and certainly very photogenic! I think it could use another bottle of soju though. haha.


The Jcone biscuits were freshly made in Singapore (read: not imported from korea). Not sure if our humidity in Singapore is causing the Jcones to be tougher than usual but well I'm pretty sure all of you will still get it for a selfie! 

Check out those two beauties, Kaiting & Soh Gail too!

Thank you William and The Influencer Network for the invite! 

Operating hours:
11am - 10pm (Daily)

25 Sentosa Gateway, #01-30/31/32/33 Singapore 098138
(Left of the Malaysia themed food court)

Tel No:
+65 6238 8221


Here wishing all of my readers a Blessed New Year!

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25 December 2014

The following images and/or content may cause 
excessive salivation and uncontrollable drooling to some viewers.
Viewer discretion is strongly advised. 

The last time here, I managed to try out their regular menu items, which was fabulous, I swear! 
Since it's Christmas, allow me to share with all of you SYNC's Korean-inspired Holiday menu!

Christmas Citrus Salad

Refreshing salad with generous servings of pomegranate and oranges. I'm not a salad kind of guy, but I did not shun this.

Clay Duck Ssam

This dish has a similar concept as their Sogogi Jowl in the regular menu. However the taste was far from comparison. The beef cheeks from Sogogi Jowl wins hands down.

Sweet Potato Croquettes

This ball of goodness was stuffed with delicious and fragrant cheese. Guard your balls or you'll be left with none! This was one of my favourites that night!

Kalbi jim

Short ribs were braised for 48 hours with Korean sauce, served with mashed potatoes and marinated with kalbi kim, a Korean flavouring. This dish was so-so and does not meet the cut for it's price tag.

Turkey Risotto

Korean barley risotto topped with sauteed mushrooms and cranberries. The barley risotto was surprisingly tasty despite how weird it looks. 

Chestnut Crunchy Bar

Chestnut mousse covered with tasty chocolate tart shell. 
I would say just down more soju mojito!

Catch their Festive special menu before it's gone on the 2nd of January 2015!

If you need extra convincing or opinions from someone with a different tastebud, you may click here for Soh Gail's take on the menu.

Finally, so much thanks and love to Brand Cellar for the invite!

12 Maju Avenue, Serangoon Garden Estate
3pm to 11pm (Sun to Thu)
3pm to 12am (Fri, Sat, PH and eve of PH(
Telephone no: 62820612

Here wishing all of my readers a Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year!

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15 December 2014

The following images and/or content may cause 
excessive salivation and uncontrollable drooling to some viewers.
Viewer discretion is strongly advised. 

Let's cut to the chase...

Domino's is offering 50% off for their pizzas! 

Choose from the 28 speciality pizzas:

Personal Pizza at $5.40 (U.P $10.80)
Regular Pizza at $11.40 (U.P $22.80)
Large Pizza at $14.90 (U.P $29.80)
Xtra Large Pizza at $17.90 (U.P $35.80)

*From 1st of December 2014 until 11th of January 2014*
*This promotion is available for Take-away or Dine-in only. Offer valid for pizzas only. *
*Surcharges applies for Cheese Burst, Cheesy Crust, Classics, First Class pizza and Cheese sauce upgrade.*

Sohgail and I attended Domino's Xmas Party last week and we were in for a treat! We were dressed - or attempted to dress - to our best X'masyy-like attire so excuse our gay couple wear. haha!

Like any X'mas party there were lots of goodies and games for everyone. One of such game required me to stand in as a christmas tree. -.- Look at how pleasant I am.

Christmas trees of the night

Our 2nd game was to come out with a cheer that included 
Domino's, 50% off, Thank you, All pizzas and 15 minutes.
And this is how it goes (in the jingle bells tune)...

Dominos Dominos, 50% off.
All pizzas all pizzas, 15 minutes out. (hey)

Domino's Domino's, 50% off.
Oh what fun, we have fun, thank you from our hearts!

The 'winning' team had to perform their cheer for the public and 
I must say it didn't feel bad losing afterall. haha!

Goodie bags and chocolates for all of us!

Amidst those games, my tummy had to go through some major jamming session.
That was what I was waiting for the entire night!

Thank you Domino's, William and TIN for the invite! 
The event wouldn't have been possible without you!

Merry Christmas 
Happy New Year 
to all my lovely readers! (:

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Till next time...

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