5 August 2014


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Jem is how almost 90% of people address me nowadays. If you’re wondering why this name sounds so familiar…

… like a mall that exists in Jurong East...

You’re right. But let’s set things right, I USED IT FIRST! Way before the building was built, okay.

So what’s my real name? 10 points if you guessed Jeremy. Yup... just about similar to the other 45968 (but don't quote me) “Jeremys” in tiny Singapore. Thus the birth of the alias, JEM.

Alright… Lets start this properly. Hi everyone! Introducing the newest member to this generation’s social media… JEM! I’m a guy about a quarter of a century old, very into food, coffee, photography, fashion, traveling and scuba diving!

People say I look intimidating; maybe due to my height and the lack of smiles. But trust me, I’m really sociable after the (slow warm) phase. 

If you think you might be interested in me (or my posts), do stick around and I’ll post as often as I can. (:

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