4 October 2014

Trick Eye Museum, Singapore

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Trick Eye Museum(TEM) is finally here in Singapore as the newest addition to the Resorts World Sentosa. TEM originated from my favourite place in the world, South Korea... and if you don't already know, I just came back from a 5 month student exchange to Seoul National University(more on that later when I get a little less busy from my school work and final year project). While in Korea, I have personally been to the original museum in Jeju Island, which equally entertained and amazed me. 

On the way to the event, I was expecting the exhibits to be similar to the ones in Korea, like a repeat of similar stuff. However, I was pleasantly surprised!

 Most of the exhibits in Singapore are completely different from the original TEM in Korea. 

Don't believe? 
Click Here to check out how different Trick Eye Museum, Jeju is,
and look at some of the exhibits available. 

So if you ask...

... why should I pay S$25(Adult) to amuse myself in Singapore,
when all I need is ~S$10 for the original museum in Korea?

Well well of course you could do the latter, 
but don't forget to sum up the flight tickets from 
SG to Korea and Gimpo to Jeju and Jeju to Gimpo and Incheon to SG (((:

... so don't be silly and enjoy the one in Singapore, okay? (y)

Trick Eye Museum creates an innovative and interactive environment to allow everyone to try out their creativity and be cheekily silly. Always young at heart, right? 

If you are ready, explore on!

The mould was a perfect fit for both of us! <3

Alright let's get down to business! For those of you who are still confused on how this Trick Eye Museum thingy work, the next section is for you!



*Mountain tortoise, not well informed.

On the side of most exhibits, you will be able to see a guide(like the one below) and 
example of how to pose and how to angle the camera.

Follow the instructions given. For this particular exhibit.. you could either turn your camera upside down to create the effect, or do post editing by rotating the photos on the computer, like what I did.

For certain exhibits, 'Photo Point' regions are provided, 
so stay within that area for optimum 3D effect.

Make sure when you frame the picture, compose it such that you leave out unrelated background.

...  lastly, POSE! if you do it correctly, it'll look like that *points below*

Don't forget your most terrified face!

~End of Tutorial~



Don't go...

... please.

Because Jem is the best, allow me to spoon-feed you for other exhibits too. 


15 Tips & Tricks
 to look #likeaboss at the Trick Eye Museum!

#1: Display the constipated look because you are stuck in the cage for too long
and you need the toilet.

#2: Look afraid but show like you are enjoying it to avoid looking like a wuss.

#3: If you have a girl on top, don't act like she's heavy and deny it AT ALL COST! #justsaying

#4: Just raise your hand and stay close to the side, I mean... it's hot lava leh.

#5: Present the cheekiest smile you have.

#6: Display confidence like a Victoria's Secret's Angel!

#7: See #3

#8: Look cute!

#9: Pay attention to details, like hair falling and buying that 
pair of jeans that secures the phone so perfectly.

#9: Imagine there are stirrups for you to step #likeaboss

#10: Only grab that ass if your girlfriend is not looking. 

#11: err... do not look delicious #atallcost

#12: Have a series of photos to compare the trick.

#13: Unveil that 'Puss in Boots' sparkle in your eyes.

#14: Go with your loved ones!

#15: Bottle those memories up! *snow not included*


There's no better way to enjoy the friday night with Soh Gail and 
allowing the inner kid in me out at the same time! If you haven't been to Singapore's Trick Eye Museum, what are you waiting for?! It's time to pamper your loved ones today!

Lastly, I would love to show my appreciation to 
The Influencer Network and William for the invite. 

Check out www.projectweekends.com, Singapore's One-stop lifestyle portal.

Till next time...

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